Introduction of the Tafseer

In this Tafseer Surahs (Chapters) are divided in Paragraphs, Sections, and Parts. It helps comprehen the Surahs easily.

  • One Paragraph primarily discusses one point.
  • Several Paragraphs make a Section that aims to establish an argument.
  • Several Sections make a Part that aims to form a “basis” to establish a system or a particular knowledge.
  • Several parts make the Chapter (Surah).

This method of presentation was inborn in the Quran; otherwise it could not be done without shifting a single word from its position.

I have put Section Headings and Part Headings to highlight main line of discussion. Headings commensurate the main structure of the Surah. And they may not be exhaustive to the Section or the Part.

Verse Numbers and Design of Presentation

Instead of putting the Verse number at the beginning of every Verse I have put those in the Section Headings. I feel Verse numbers distract ease of understanding. It as well leaves scope to quote a Verse out of context. In Prophet’s (pbuh) time Verse numbers did not exist, it was incorporated later.

In many cases, a Verse ends before the sentence is complete—You will find in a translated Quran that at the end of many Verses coma has been used, not the full-stop. Probably, some sentences were divided in smaller Verses for following reasons.

Literate people were rare in old times, so rare were the papers. There was no printing press. But Prophet (pbuh) needed to propagate the Quran far and wide; so thousands of “Hafiz” came up. “Hafiz” means protector. In Islamic term a “Hafiz” is one who protects/preserves the Quran by memorizing it word to word. Probably, that is why, greater emphasis was given on the ease of memorization and recitation. It may be one of the reasons of giving the Quran a form of poetry. And to give the Quran a form of poetry many sentences were divided in smaller Verses. This structure made the Quran unique. When a Hafiz gives public lecture, reciting Verses of the Quran inbetween, listeners easily understand which part is his own talk and which part is the Quran.

Thereby, the Quran has become more suitable for memorization and recitation than for a presentation on paper.

Later many Hafiz were dying in battles. In one battle 700 Hafiz died (battle of Yamama). Only then, people felt necessity to preserve the Quran in written form. Caliph Osman produced several copies of the Quran that remained with Ummul Mumunin Hazrat Hafza Raziallahuanha and send it in distant lands. Those were also in the same poetry form—The same Quran we find today everywhere.

In my Tafseer the Quran is given a form of prose — in cases I have joined the Verses to complete the sentences. However, no Verse is broken in two or more sentences, or no Verse has been shifted from its proper position in the sequence. You will be surprised to see that in this form also the Quran is in most modern in design. Every Surah develops chronologically with scientific signs, logic, and examples and ends up in deduction and conclusion.

I have not explained everything; for that one has to read traditional Tafseer. I have only tried to highlight the line of development by putting Section Headings and Part Headings, and explained the lines that I thought need scientific explanation, just below the paragraphs, as “Remarks”.

Computer of Creations (CC)

The Quran is not written by Allah (God) Himself; it is written by the “Pen” (Qalam) on command of Allah. However, it does not matter much, because Allah knew what the Pen was writing and He must have made necessary improvements if it was needed. We may say Allah edited the Quran.

The Pen: Before going into the Quran we should discuss something about the Author—The “Pen”.

Hadith: “The first thing that was created by Allah was the Pen. Allah then ordered the Pen to write. The Pen asked, what should it write? Allah ordered to write the fate of everything. The Pen wrote all those would happen from the beginning to the end.” –Tirmizi.

It is a Pen that asked question—what should it write? And, when it was ordered to write the future (fate), it could write, at its own, the future of everything, from the beginning to the end.

Therefore, the Pen must be a part of intelligent and rational entity—something like an absolutely developed super computer. It seems that, to make it understandable to the common people, it has been called a “Pen”.
The fate was written fifty thousand years before the creation of the Universe.

Hadith: “Fate of everything has been written fifty thousand years before the creation” –Tirmizi.

Probably, the Pen wrote the Verses of the Quran when it wrote the fate of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) because the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and the Quran is inseparable.

The Pen did not write on papers, it wrote on a “Protected Disc” (Lawh-Mahfuz).

Lawh-Mahfuz (Protected Disc): The word “Lawh” means “Plank”. It also means “Tablet”, “Disc” etc. for writing. “Mahfuz” means “Guarded”, “Protected”, or “Safe”. So “Lawh-Mahfuz” means “Protected Disc”.

“Nay, it is a glorious Quran in a Guarded Disc (Lawh-Mahfuz)” –Al Quran 85: (21–22).

Lawh-Mahfuz stores fate of everything (future plan) as well.

Hadith: “Prophet said: At the beginning there was only Allah; there was nothing except Him. His Arsh was established over the water. Then He wrote details of creation in the Lawh-Mahfuz — the place of remembrance, and created the skies and lands (Universe)” – Bukhari

The above Hadith mentions Lawh-Mahfuz (Protected Disc) as a “Place of Remembrance”. We also sometimes use our computer CDs, hard discs, etc., as instrument to keep record.

Pen–Disc System: This “Pen–Disc System” can be compared with a man-made computer. So, I address this “Pen–Disc System” by the name – “Computer of Creations” or “CC” in short. The Pen (Qalam) and the Protected Disc (Lawh-Mahfuz) are two major components of the CC (Computer of Creations).

Soft Ware: It seems that CC has necessary intelligence (software) to predict the future.

Hadith: “Prophet said: The first thing Allah created is my soul, and the first thing Allah created is the Pen, and the first thing Allah created is the intellect” –Sirr Al-Asrar fi yahtazu ilayh Al-Abrar, Sk. Abd Al-Qadir Gilani.

According to the above Hadith “intellect” was one of the primary things. Probably this created “intellect” is the Software (Programs) of the CC.

Highly developed programs working in a highly developed computer system may form intelligence. Though we do not have enough knowledge to make it, Allah, the Creator of human brain, has the capability.

“Read! In the name of thy Lord Who created—Created man out of a clot of congealed blood: Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful—
He Who taught the Pen—
Taught man that Which he knew not.”
–Al Quran 96: (1–5).

In above Verses “…He Who taught the Pen…” indicates programming the CC. However, as the Verses talk about the creation of man, it may have a separate meaning as well—that man has been taught to use the pen (only humans have precision grip capability – discussed later).

Human intelligence develops in time. When we learn a new thing, new nerve cells are produced in our brain. For example, if I learn, “There is no God but Allah”, it will create new nerve cells in my brain to store this information. If I use it to decide other actions, it will create nervous connections with different parts of the brain. The more I will use the ideology, the stronger and wider will be the connections. A time will come when this ideology will be my primary deciding factor – it being the strongest flow of electric pulse in my brain. Following Hadith indicates that the intelligence of CC is evolving.

Hadith: “After creation, Allah wrote in the nearest book in the Arsh, “Surely My mercy prevails over My wrath” –Bukhari and Muslim.

Most probably, the “Nearest Book” is the program area of CC. “Surely my mercy prevails over my wrath” may be a principle of Allah that was given to CC. The CC wrote the future of everything fifty thousand years before the creation of the Universe, and the creation was initiated accordingly. But, this principle was given after the creation—if CC had to use it in the subsequent execution of the plans, it had to have an evolving intelligence.

The CC being the computer to plan and monitor the activities of the Universe, it may have many types of systems and software including most basics to the most advanced intelligent rational components.

Monitor/Display Screen: CC has display device to show information:

“One day angels were listening a talk of Azazil. At time, they looked at the Arsh and saw, it was written there: ‘Curse of Allah will be onto him, who would be disobedient’.” – Hadith.

Note that the angels looked at the Arsh and saw this statement. There might be something in the Arsh, where it was written—a sort of display device linked with the CC; or the CC may have instrument to create something like hologram.

File Encryptions: Files in a man-made computer usually have special characters, encryptions, etc. In the beginning of some Surahs (Chapters in the Quran) there are some special characters like, Alif-Lam-Ra, Ta-Sin-Mim etc. These characters do not construct any meaningful words, or phrases:

“Alif, Lam, Ra. These are signs of the book of wisdom.” – Al Quran 10:1.
“Alif, Lam, Mim, Ra. These are the signs of the book” – Al Quran 13:1.

Probably these characters are parts of some sort of properties of the stored files (Surahs) in the Lawh-Mahfuz, similar to the File Encryptions, Passwords, etc. we find associated with the files in a computer.

Base of Nineteen: The Quran was written in Lawh-Mahfuz. All major parameters of the Quran are multiples of 19. This aspect of the Quran discloses the nature of the CC of a super natural computer that might have automatically rounded up some important words, verses, and chapters by number 19; as well as, it may be an imparted security and integrity constraint imposed by it.

Base Figures: The following Hadith indicates that CC can think, and even try to apply his own ideology.

“After writing ‘La-ilaha illa-Allah’ at the beginning of Lawh-Mahfuz, Allah ordered the Pen to write ‘Muhammadur Rasulallah’. The Pen did not want to write the name of a human being with the name of Great Creator, so it delayed. Allah again ordered it to write. Out of fear the Pen started shivering when it’s another mouth exposed that wrote ‘Muhammadur Rasulallah” –Hadith.

CC has some idea about the highness of Allah, and probably that’s why, it did not want to write the name of a human being with the name of Great Creator. As it delayed to obey order, it was shivering in fear, and when Allah ordered again, it created another cursor to accomplish this task.

It indicates that the intelligence of the CC is not just a logical clock-work, or, just a programming of true and false (not only based on Zero and One). It has its own logic, even may have emotion and ideology. It may be based on 19 different things beyond our knowledge; two of them may be Zero and One – others, may or may not be mathematical figures.

To Conclude: CC is a highly developed computer that monitors and controls the creations according to the Plan. Though, there are similarities between it and a manmade computer, in reality, there are huge differences in greatness and capabilities. Allah created it to plan, record, initiate, and control events of the Universe. It is the “Computer of the Creations” (CC). It must be a super powered, super intelligent, rational creation of Allah. I have compared it with a manmade computer to make it easy to understand the process of its executions.

However, CC did not decide what all or who all would be created; that must have been decided by Allah. Natures of matters, energies, forces/souls were also determined and sustained by Allah. Initial configuration of the Universe otherwise determined the future, those were also fixed by Allah. Therefore, writing of the future by the CC was just a task of calculation and documentation using the predetermined nature of a creature. CC calculated subsequent positions of a creature in each moment of time and predicted its actions according to its nature, that we call fate. CC also imposed some activities and events in our fate for coordination or other purpose; it brings them into reality by the angels.

Subsequently I have also discussed how this computer is connected to Jannaat (Another Universe) and Samawat (This Universe), and how it gets involved in day to day affairs of the creations from billions of light years away. According to Hadith CC is located in Arsh beyond the Universe (Samawat).

The initial configuration of the Universe, natural laws, characteristics of forces/souls, etc., were so determined by Allah that everything would proceed through its desired path on its own. However, in the natural processes CC monitors and controls by angels if it is needed, and it is also preplanned.

Writing of the Quran

Everything was written by the Pen fifty thousand years before the creation of the Universe. Then most of the Verses of the Quran were written by the CC. It is easily noticeable:

1. In the Quran Allah is normally written in second and third person, e.g.

“It is He Who give life and who take it, And to Him shall ye all be brought back” –Al Quran 10:56

Note in the above verse: “It is He…”; if the Verse was direct voice of Almighty God it would be, “It is Me…”

2. When Allah Himself does a thing, it writes: “Allah” not “I” e.g.

“And Allah by His Words does prove and establish His Truth, however much of the Sinners may hate it” –Al Quran 10:82

3. In some verses “I” is written, but it is found in the reference, quotes. e.g.

“Behold thy Lord said to the angels: I will create a vicegerent on earth. They said wilt thou place there in one who will make mischief and shed blood?” – Al Quran 2:30.

“He (Allah) said, I know what ye know not” – Al Quran 2:30

4. There are some verses where we see the use of “I”, not in a reference. Those were probably written by Allah Himself in the Lawh-Mahfuz (not written in automated process of CC). For instance:

“O children of Israel call to mind The favor which I bestowed upon you, and fulfill your Covenant with Me as I fulfill My Covenant With you, and fear none but Me.” –Al Quran 2:40

5. The Pen sometimes used the word “We”, to refer to the Almighty God as well as the other creatures and systems, such as, Lawh-Mahfuz, angels, ruhhs, matters, forces, energies, plants, animals etc.

“With power and skill did We construct the skies: for it is We Who cause it to expand” –Al Quran 51:47

In this verse, Allah might have included the CC and the “Power” (may be the force of expansion) with Him, so it is “We”.
“We” instead of “I” is also used in Arabic to express one’s honor and pride. Therefore, in some of the verses “We” may mean Almighty God only.

However, it does not make much of difference as Allah knew what the CC was writing, and He added or deducted if He wanted.

How the Quran Descended — System of Flow

Angel Zibrael (Gabriel) used to come to Prophet (pbuh) frequently and every time he used to bring a few verses of the Quran. In this way, the whole Quran has descended in twenty-three years. To understand how the Quran was descended from the CC to the Earth we have to know the “System of Flow”.

1. Computer of Creations (CC): CC is located in the Arsh. Arsh is a separate space beyond the Universe (Samawat). It is Head Quarters of Allah. The following two Hadith give us idea about the magnitude of the Arsh.

Ibn Jareer said: Yoonus told me that Ibn Wahb informed him that Ibn Zaid said that My father told me: Allah’s Messenger said: “The seven skies (Universe) are no more in comparison to the Kursi than seven dirhams (old Arabian coin) set in a shield.” –Hadith

Hadith: “The Kursi is no more in comparison to the Arsh than an iron ring thrown in a vast desert.” –Tabari Tafsir

Arsh extends over the Jannaat (Another Universe – discussed in Section- 22 of Chapter- 3), as we find in the following Hadith:

“All Jannaat (all planets in the Paradise) have single roof that is the Arsh of Allah.” –Hadith.

Arsh is the Head Quarters of Allah through which He has established His control over the creations—Samawat (This Universe) and Jannaat (Another Universe). Arsh holds sophisticated control systems, such as, Pen (Qalam), Protected Disc (Lawh-Mahfuz), Part of Sidratul-Muntaha etc. Arsh also holds the Kursi (Throne of Allah) as well.

Though Kursi is located in the Arsh, it (Kursi) is extended into the Universe as well:

“His Kursi do extend over the Skies and Lands (Universe).” –Al Quran 2: 255

Allah expanded and sustains the Universe without any pillar. After the Universe was expanded enough, Allah established Himself on the Arsh—high above. He subjected universal objects and affairs to natural laws and systems. But He as well regulates them. In the following verse: “He established Himself on the Arsh” and “He does regulate all affairs” are described in the same Verse. This implies that Allah controls the universal matters through the Arsh.

“Allah is He who raised the skies without any pillars that (as) ye can see. Then He established Himself on the Arsh. He has subjected the Sun and the Moon (to his Law). Each one runs for a term appointed. He does regulate all affairs, Explaining the sign in detail. That ye may believe with certainty in the meeting with your Lord.” –Al Quran 13: 2

Therefore, CC the heart of all control systems is located in the Arsh.

“After traveling seven layers of skies I was raised to the extreme height. I reached a smooth plain ground where sound of the Pen was only being heard.” –Bukhari

In above Hadith “Seven layers of Skies” means Universe. Following Verse indicates that the Skies are spherical and our Earth is located in the First/Innermost Sky:

“And built over you the Seven Skies” –Al Quran 79:12

So, a man standing in India has Seven Skies over his head; at the same time, a man standing in America has Seven Skies over his head.

Therefore, Skies are spherical and we live in the Innermost/ First Sky.

The Universe is at least 25 billion light years across. Then, anything coming from beyond the Seventh Sky should take billions of light years even if it moves at the speed of light. How then Angel Zibrael (Gabriel) could come frequently with the Verses of the Quran? And how plan and related orders of CC are materialized throughout the Universe? To understand it, we are to know the communication network associated with the CC.

CC monitors universal affairs by angels. It has communication network covering the whole Universe. The major components of communication network, as we find in the Quran and Hadith, are:

  • Sidratul-Muntaha
  • Four Main Canals
  • Main Angel waiting Areas
  • Terminal Angel waiting Areas
  • Servers

I will discuss them one by one:

2. Sidratul-Muntaha: Sidratul-Muntaha is located at the boundary of the Universe. During Miraj, when Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) visited the Seventh Sky, he saw it like a lote-tree in the horizon. For this reason it is called Sidratul-Muntaha.

Following Hadith indicates that, Sidratul-Muntaha is only messaging channel between up and down.

“Whatever comes down from the up—comes to Sidratul-Muntaha. Whatever goes up from the down—goes to Sidratul-Muntaha” –Hadith.

In the above Hadith “up” means Arsh, and “down” means Universe (Samawat/Skies). Sidratul-Muntaha is only way of communication between the Arsh and the Universe.

None is allowed to move beyond Sidratul-Muntaha; it is high security zone, probably because of the CC. CC is located in Arsh.

Angels cannot go to Arsh where CC is located. They receive orders coming from the CC through Sidratul-Muntaha. During Miraj Prophet (pbuh) saw thousands of angels were falling on the Sidratul-Muntaha. It was just to receive orders. Therefore, Sidratul-Muntaha must be connected with the CC. And it (CC) has systems to receive and pass on orders/information.

Our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was allowed to move beyond Sidratul-Muntaha – at the highest level, he heard the sound of Pen (of CC).

“After traveling seven layers of skies I was raised to the extreme height. I reached a smooth plain ground where sound of the Pen was only being heard.” –Bukhari

When Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) went up, Gabriel was waiting for his return in the foot of Sidratul-Muntaha – that is a place near the Garden of Abode (Jannatul Mawa).

“For indeed he saw him (Gabriel) at second descent (during Miraz), near the Sidratul-Muntaha behind which none may pass: Near it is the Garden of Abode. Behold, the Sidratul-Muntaha was shrouded sight never swerved, nor did it go wrong! For truly did he see, of the signs of his Lord, The Greatest! ” –Al Quran 53: (13–18)

This place, where Gabriel was waiting is the “Main Angel Waiting Area”; discussed below:

[What is Second Descend?: In Miraj Prophet went to the Arsh travelling through the skies. From the Arsh he descended into the Jannaat – that is the First Descend. In return journey, from the Jannaat he went up into the Arsh and descended into the Samawat (Universe) that is the Second Descend. (From the Samawat one cannot go to Jannaat directly without through As-Sirat that will be placed only on the Day of Final Judgment)]

3. Main Angel Waiting Area: It is a place near the foot of Sidratul-Muntaha. This is the waiting area for the angels who have not yet got their tasks. In this area there is a praying house called Baitul Mamur. During Miraj Prophet (pbuh) visited Baitul Mamur.
In each sky there are many other Angel Waiting Areas, smaller than the main (discussed later).

4. Four Canals: During Miraz, Prophet (pbuh) saw four canals flowing from the foot of the Sidratul-Muntaha. Two are flowing into the Jannaat (Paradise/Another Universe), and two are flowing into this Samawat/Skies (Universe). These are not canals of water; these are channels through space. Probably, these canals are main lines of communication network, one pair connecting the Samawat (Universe), another pair connecting Jannaat (Another Universe). After receiving orders from Sidratul-Muntaha angels move to their destinations through these canals.

If we consider the vastness of the Universe, the Seventh Sky where the Sidratul-Muntaha is located should be billions of light years away from the Earth (the Universe is at least 25 billion light years across). Then how orders can come from such a vast distance? It should take billions of years even if it moves at the speed of light. The following verse indicates that these canals have special capability.

“He rules affairs from the Skies to the Earth: in the end will go up to Him, on a day, the space whereof will be a thousand years of your reckoning.” –Al Quran 32: 5

Though according to our scientific understanding, nothing should be able to move faster than light, but, probably, through these canals angels and orders move faster than light, and travel from beyond the Seventh Sky, to the Earth, in five hundred earthly years (as thousand year is needed for a round trip).

However, according to Hadith, Allah is closer to us more than our own spinal cords; He personally comes to know a thing in no time, and can do anything He wants, then and there. Thousand years is the time to rule the affairs through CC and Angels. An order takes one thousand years for a round trip (orders goes down in five hundred years – materialized – and result reported back in another five hundred years).

However, a time distance of one thousand years is not suitable for minute to minute control. Therefore, CC does not perform minute to minute control. It only controls the affairs according to the master plan that was made Fifty Thousand years before the creation of the Universe. Minute to minute control lies in the hand of Allah. However, prediction of CC was so accurate that hardly any impromptu event comes up that would need direct intervention of Allah, except in cases of humans. As for example: In the time of Musa a person was destined not to have any offspring. Now a man loved by God prayed, and he got two sons.

Therefore, it may so happen that the whole Quran started from the Lawh-Mahfuz five hundred years before the revelation started to come to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

5. Special Lands (Objects): According to the following verse, there are “Special Lands” in the skies through which commands of Allah are descended.

“Allah is He Who created seven skies and the lands an equivalent. Through the midst of them descends His command: that ye may know that Allah has power over all things, and that comprehends all things in knowledge.” –Al Quran 65:12.

These Special Lands are objects in the skies with special arrangements, where the angels initially descend, and then, from these Special Lands/Objects they move to their job destinations in turn. These Special Lands/Objects work as information hubs, and staging locations for angels.

From the Hadith we know that angels do not go back. Then how reports are fed back to the CC? So, there must be Servers in those Special Lands/Objects connected with the Main Canals (Pair of canals that is coming down from the Sidratul-Muntaha) by Sub-Canals. Angels report back to those Servers and enter the feedback information. Then through the Sub-Canals, Canals, and Sidratul-Muntaha information goes back to CC in 500 years.

However, angels also report to Allah directly. Allah is everywhere.

A Special Land/Object may be a planet, or other type of astro-body, or a complete galaxy with necessary arrangements to harbor angels and receive, store, pass down commands or information coming from CC.

There are many Special Lands/Objects in each sky, connected to the Main Canal by sub-canals. Each of these Special Lands/Objects has an Angel Waiting Area (Terminal Angel Waiting Area) and a “Server”.

In a Special Land/Object an angel waits in the Angel Waiting Area for his turn, and keeps on praising Almighty God. Therefore, these Angel Waiting Areas also have prayer places, e.g. Baitul Izzat, located in the Special Land/Object of the First Sky. During Miraj Prophet (pbuh) visited Baitul Izzat.

These “Special Lands/Objects” are protected. Therefore, they can also be called “Fortresses”:

“It is We who have set out fortresses in the skies, and made them fair-seeming to beholders; and We have guarded them from every satans accursed: But any that gains a hearing by stealth, is pursued by a flaming fire, bright” –Al Quran 15: (16–18).

Satan jinns sometimes steal information from the fortresses (they are mainly interested about immediate future).
Therefore, Fortresses are the objects that hold information. It is then obvious that “Fortresses” and what I am calling “Special Lands/Objects” is same thing. A Fortress may be a star system with planets, asteroids, and other things with Guard Angels holding a “Special Land/Object”.

Therefore a “Special Land/Object” may be an object like a planet in a protected star system.

The CC and its systems are not susceptible to virus; because its Hard Disc (Lawh) is safe (Mahfuz). CC is located in Arsh, outside of this Universe. Satan and his followers cannot go near to it. But Servers are located in the Special Lands/Objects (Fortresses) of the Universe (Skies), satan jinns can go near to those, but they are driven away.

“And we reached the sky, so we found it strongly guarded and filled with asteroids.” –Al Quran 72:2

“And that we sometimes used to sit in some places in the sky, to listen; so whoever now listens finds a fiery asteroid waiting for him.” –Al Quran 72:9

6. Angels: Necessary number of angels that would be required to materialize all the events of the Universe (as written in Lawh-Mahfuz) had been created in the Universe at the beginning of creation.

Angels initially remain in the “Main Angel Waiting Area”. From the Main Angel Waiting Area a group of angel is summoned to Sidratul-Muntaha. In Sidratul-Muntaha there are many big oval shaped leafs (like the leaf of lote-tree). Angels sit on those leafs. Then the angels are programmed or passed down information to carry out their tasks. All angels for a particular time-period are summoned and programmed at a time [Angels cannot learn a new thing. Probably, Sidratul-Muntaha infuses knowledge of their task into them; probably, Sidratul-Muntaha also redesigns their structure according to their tasks – so they are programmed to perform the given tasks. However, there are Major angels like Gabriel, Michael etc. who are already given huge knowledge and capabilities.]

Then the angels and orders (ruhhs) are released in packets. Released angels and orders (ruhhs) move to the assigned skies through the canals flowing from the foot of Sidratul-Muntaha. When a packet of angels and orders (ruhhs) arrive at the Special Land/Object (in the Fortress) of the assigned sky the angels are accommodated in the “Angel Waiting Area” (Terminal Angel Waiting Area) and orders are preserved in the “Server”.

In the Terminal Angel Waiting Area an angel keeps on praising Almighty God, and once his turn comes he moves to his work place. After finishing assigned task he returns to the Terminal Angel Waiting Area and reports back to Server, and then will keep on praying to Almighty God for the wellbeing of the human being(s) he worked for, till Qiyamah, if he found those human being(s) were doing good deeds.

[Angels are involved in one’s day to day life. If a person commits a big sin like murdering a man, angels involved in his day to day life are dismayed. They become scared of Allah and start disclaiming the responsibility of the murder by cursing the person. At the end of duty they go back to Terminal Angel Waiting Area (Baitul Izzat) where they will keep on cursing the person till the day of Qiyamah]

Angels are not allowed to move back to the Main Angel Waiting Area, probably to avoid congestion in the canal; after finishing the job, they only feedback information into the Local Server. However, angels also report back information to Allah directly.

According to Hadith, Allah comes down in the First Sky every night, when angels report back to Him. Don’t think, how Allah is closer to us than our spinal cords, at the same time, comes down in the First Sky every night; He is unique and beyond our comprehension, we cannot think beyond the purview of natural laws, but Allah determined, ordained and sustains the laws; He Himself is not affected by it. He has not created a thing that is beyond His reach or control. However, here coming down may mean that He exposes Himself in Baitul Izzat every night to get reports from the angels returning after performing their tasks.

However, taking report by Allah is just a formality; when Allah asks the angels, they answer: ‘You already know what they have done’ or words to that extent. Allah says, ‘Even then you say what they have done’ (or similar words). Therefore, by this Allah ensures that the data they are feeding back to the Server is correct.

Angels come from Sidratul-Muntaha in packets. For the Earth, every year in the Lailatul-Qadar (“night of power” also called “night of destiny”) all orders and assigned angels for a year come to the Special Land/Object of the local sky (Special Land/Object that deals with the Earth). In the Special Land/Object orders are stored in the Server and angels are accommodated in the Waiting Area. From there, the orders and angels come to the Earth day by day in sequence.

“The night of power (Lailatul-Qadar) is better than a thousand months. Therein come down the angels and the ruhhs (Commands of Allah) by Allah’s permission for every work.” –Al Quran 97: (3–4)

7. Final Adjustment: Final checking/adjustments are done before executing the orders. Allah comes in the First Sky in the Lailatul-Qadar, and accepts the prayer of the people. Final adjustments are done by Allah Himself, if necessary. Therefore, praying for fortune is practiced in some countries in likely Lailatul-Qadar. Allah comes to the First Sky every night, but since He carryout “pre-execution checking” in this night, there is a better scope to grant something that was not decided.

In this way, packets of angels and orders that were released from Lawh-Mahfuz in the past are reaching to the Special Lands/Objects of the skies, and being materialized. The whole system, involving the CC (that includes Pen, Created Intellect and Lawh-Mahfuz), Sidratul-Muntaha, Main Angel Waiting Area, Four Main Canals, Sub-Canals, Special Lands/Objects with Terminal Angel Waiting Areas and Servers can be envisaged as a huge Cybernetic System with the CC as its head.

It may be mentioned that the Special Land/Object of our Local Sky has a tentacle (Sub Sub Canal) connected to the Earth. The tentacle connects the Earth at the Dome of Rock. Angels coming to the Earth initially land on the Dome of Rock. During Miraz, Prophet (pbuh) moved through this tentacle. Though we do not see the canal but angels can see. Travel-guide angel (Gabriel) of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) had to follow the canal to move faster and not to be lost.

This is about the system; in other dimension “Allah is closer to us more than our spinal cord”.

In this way, CC controls events on the Earth. Everything was written by CC in its Protected Disc (Lawh-Mahfuz) fifty thousand years before the creation; and orders are released in due time, in proper sequence. Angels are also destined with the orders to materialize them.

It may be mentioned that initial configuration of the Universe, the laws of nature, characteristics of souls etc. were so determined by Allah that everything would move through the desired path at its own, CC mainly monitors and controls where necessary. But its control is also preplanned and does not conflict natural laws.

Descend of the Quran

By now it should be clear how the Quran descended. The Quran was written by the Pen (on command of Allah) in its Disc (Lawh).

“And verily, it is in the mother of the book (Lawh-Mahfuz), in our presence, high, full of wisdom.” –Al Quran 44:1.

The whole Quran started to descend from the Lawh-Mahfuz at an appropriate time in the past. The night in which the whole Quran came down to the Special Land/Object of the First Sky is known to us as the night of power/destiny (Lailatul-Qadar). In the Special Land/Object angels carrying the Quran were accommodated in the Waiting Area and the Quran was saved in its Server. Each of these angels are named Gabriel. They are assistant of Main Angel Gabriel and smaller. From this Server, Main Angel Gabriel used to send the the Verses of the Quran by the assisstant angels. However, the first few Verses were descended by Main Gabriel in the Cave of Hera.


“Read! In the name of thy Lord Who created—Created man out of a clot of congealed blood: Read! And thy Lord is Most Bountiful—
He Who taught the Pen—
Taught man that Which he knew not.”
–Al Quran 96: (1–5).