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  • How Allah looks like?
    Allah is beyond our imagination. However, with the information given in the Quran, we may think a little: Factor 1: Allah in Form Allah has a Kursi. He sits in the Kursi. So He has a shape. He has face, eyes, ears, hands, legs, etc., like a human. Holy Bible says that Allah has created human in His image. The Kursi is placed in the Arsh, located beyond the Universe. However, He extends His Kursi into the Universe as well. We do not know with what stuffs His 'body in form' is created. Our thoughts are confined within forces, matter and energies, because the universe is created with these things. But the Body of Allah may have elements, which He has not given to the creation. He is eternal; He has no weakness; He is extremely Intelligent and High. Factor 2: Allah Everywhere At the same time, Allah exist everywhere. The Quran says that He holds the flying birds; He rotates the Earth; He drives the sun and the stars. So, the gravity is a Force of Allah. A Force Field in a living entity (Allah) should be called soul. So, the Gravitational Force Field is an elemetary Soul (Ruhh) of Allah. Deduction 1: Gravity is an extended elementary Soul (Force Field / Ruhh) of Allah A human nafs (composite soul) is a combination of known and/or unknown force fields (elementary souls/ruhhs). Similarly, the Soul (Nafs) of Allah is a combination of many known and unknown Force Fields (elementary Souls/Ruhhs). The Nafs of Allah permeates His body in form. Allah has extended one of His elementary Souls (Force Fields / Ruhhs) beyond His body in form, and designed the extended elementary Soul at His will to act in fixed patterns, and infused (did istawa) the elementary Soul into the space to sustain the objects. The effects of this extended e;ementary Soul (Ruhh) is viewed by us as gravitational force. Thus, He is the Sustainer. The Soul (Ruhh) is designed to act in fixed patterns, so we view its effects as natural laws. Deduction 2: Other likely extended elementary Souls (Force Fields / Ruhhs) of Allah Actually, Allah has extended and infused (did istawa) several of His elementary Souls (Force Fields / Ruhhs) into the space to sustain and evolve the universes. He sees everything, hears everything, and can do everything everywhere by His extended elementary Souls. The Quran says that Allah expands the universe. Scientiist predict that the Dark Energy, permeating the entire universe, is causing the expansion rate of the universe to accelerate. So, the Dark Energy may be held in one of His extended elementary Souls (Fotce Fields / Ruhhs). Or the Dark Energy itself may be an extended elementary Soul (Ruhh) of Allah. The space possess Vacuum Energy that may be held in one or more of His exteded elementary Souls ( Force Fields / Ruhhs). Or, the Vacuum Energy itself may be an extended elementary Soul (Ruhh) of Allah. All or several of the fields predicted in the Quantum Mechanics may be His extended elementary Souls (Ruhhs). However, do not mix up creations with Allah. The products of Nafsin-Wahidatin are creations. The products are held in the extended elementary Souls (Force Fields / Ruhhs) of Allah. but they remain seperate. For example, an electron is a product of the Nafsin-Wahidation. The electron sustains its existence by wave-particle duality and entaglement. It does not get merged with an extended elementary Soul (Force Field / Ruhh) of Allah. Allah provided a huge Nafs (a huge composite Soul / Nafsin-Wahidatin) from His own Nafs, permeating His body in form. Later, He fragmented the provided Nafs (Nafsin-Wahidatin) into innumerable units (known and unknown force fields) and recombined those in different numbers and proportions to produce the atoms and the nafses (composite souls) of living creatutres. The products of Nafsin-Wahidatin are creations. They are deeply changed and remain seperate. So, Allah is Allah and the creations are creations. To conclude, Allah in form, and Allah existing everywhere, is one.
  • Who created God?
    There is nothing called "absolute creation" or "absolute annihilation" even for Allah (it is a positive quality of Allah). An eternal God (Allah) provided a huge Nafs (a huge composite soul / Nafsin-Wahidatin) from His own Nafs and transformed the provided Nafs into creation. The provided Nafs (Nafsin-Wahidatin) is identified by scientists as GUT Force (Grand Unified Theory Force). The scientists predict that before the Big Bang all Forces were united together. As the temperature reduced, they seperated from each other. In light of the Quran, the gravitational force was not a part of provided Nafs (Nafsin-Wahidatin). The scientists too do not include gravity in the GUT Force. And the provided Nafs (Nafsin-Wahidatin) must have had produced many other kinds of unknown force fields, which formed the nafes (souls) of angels, jinns, animals and humans. So, the Nafsin-Wahidatin should be called GUT Force + (Plus). To know deliberately, download my Tafsir from this website and read from the beginning.
  • What is soul?
    What scientists call Force Field is called Soul in the Quran. There are two kinds of souls: Ruhh (Elementary Soul) and Nafs (Composite Soul). Ruhh (Eelmentary Soul) A Force Field and a Ruhh (Elementary Soul) are the same thing. It acts as a Command. For example, a Strong Nuclear Force Field holds the protons in the nucleus of an atom; thus it works as a command on the protons that they are to remain together in the nucleus though they are repulsive to each other. Scientists have so far discovered four kinds of Force Fields such as Electromagnetic Force Field, Strong Nuclear Force Field, Weak Nuclear Force Field and Gravity. Nafs (Composite Soul) When several Ruhhs in combination form a Soul to sustain a system, it is called "Nafs" (Composite Soul). For example, Strong Nuclear Force Field (a Ruhh), Weak Nuclear Force Field (a Ruhh) and Magnetic Force Field (a Ruhh) jointly makes the Composite Soul (Nafs) of an atom. The Nafs (Soul) holds the particles, such as electrons, protons, nutrons, etc., and forms the atom. Nafsin-Wahidatin The souls form the sunatomic particles as well. A subatomic particle is a soul in the form of wave (they show wave-particle duality in freedom). Thus, the atoms are created with different kinds of souls. Once the atoms were created, the universe was created. So, the Universe is created from a Soul (a huge Composite Soul / Nafsin-Wahidatin) provided by Allah. He provided it from His own Soul (Nafs). Human Soul (Nafs) There should be many kinds of force fields (elementary souls / ruhhs), which are not yet discovered. A human soul (nafs) is a combination of known and/or unknown Force Fields. My explanation of soul is supported by the Quran and Science deliberately. Download my Tafsir from this website and read to know in details.
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